Facial Mesotherapy Electroporation RF Radio Frequency Face Lifting EMS Skin Rejuvenation Skin Tighten Device Smart Face Massager

Product Information1.Used for rejuvenate the facial skin, It is the world first multi-function household smart face massage apparatus.2.It integrates current five core technologies of beauty industry, such as 'RF', 'EMS', 'ION' 'ENI' and 'COOL'. one machine with 5 purposes, Only one in the world.3.Anti-wrinkle,anti-aging, skin-firming,face-lifting, deep cleaning and nourishing beautifying.4.It sets defaulted 5 smart modes, such as Beauty/Nutritious/V face lifting/ lock nutrious/free mode. you can choose the mode according to your skin condition,make beauty plan most suitable to you as well.5.Download APP:Beauty Time. You can control the machine by your mobile phone.You can check use record, instruction, demo video on App. Make your own beauty plan and do intelligent management. Tighten the skin, shrink pores.Remove wrinkles deeply, modification of facial contour, face lift and remove the double chin.Collagen, activate cells, increase skin elasticity...

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Product Information

1.Used for rejuvenate the facial skin, It is the world first multi-function household smart face massage apparatus.

2.It integrates current five core technologies of beauty industry, such as 'RF', 'EMS', 'ION' 'ENI' and 'COOL'

one machine with 5 purposes, Only one in the world.

3.Anti-wrinkle,anti-aging, skin-firming,face-lifting, deep cleaning and nourishing beautifying.

4.It sets defaulted 5 smart modes, such as Beauty/Nutritious/V face lifting/ lock nutrious/free mode. 

you can choose the mode according to your skin condition,make beauty plan most suitable to you as well.

5.Download APP:Beauty Time. You can control the machine by your mobile phone.

You can check use record, instruction, demo video on App. Make your own beauty plan and do intelligent management. 

Tighten the skin, shrink pores.

Remove wrinkles deeply, modification of facial contour, face lift and remove the double chin.
Collagen, activate cells, increase skin elasticity and gloss, whiten the skin.
Dilute the black eye.Bags under the eyes and the wrinkles.

The first intelligent home beauty instrument in the global


Smart tender skin apparatus

Intelligent beauty Luxurious experience


use intelligent products, matched intelligent chips and modes, HD LCD system,it helps realize professional home beauty care of beauty salon level and easy operation of fool.


nanoSkin intelligent temperature control system automatically tests hypoderm temperature under RF, and emits a beep when it reaches 42~45 degree to activate collagen,and achieve more professional operation of the smart tender skin apparatus.


nanoSkin intelligently keeps record of the user’s skin care process, and also provides local data storage, beauty report review, keeping you clear with each skin care detail and making skin care more scientific and targeted.

Customer may check user file, instructions, and video demo on the APP, intuitively and easily understands how to use cosmetic tools in the beauty salon. Smart push beauty advises, customer design based on your habits, it is the sweet beauty butler exclusively for you.


RF collagen renewal and skin activating + EMS face-lift and shaping + ION deep cleansing + ENI high moisturizing + COOL pore tightening



RF collagen activation makes your skin smooth and tender, fades dull and fights aging process!

Originated from professional radio frequency cosmetic technique, promote skin metabolism and collagen activation, making skin smooth and tender, fading dull and fighting aging process.



EMS exercises expression muscle, firms skin, and lifts V-shape face.

EMS intelligent micro-electronic muscle movement cosmetic technique, exercises deep expression muscles, one minute usage equivalent to 30-minute muscle exercise, firms skin and lifts V-shape face.


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