iMars T10 2-in-1 Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Car Receiver Transmitter Dual Signal One-button Switching HiFi Adapter

Specification:Input voltage: DC/SVDrive: mo need to installInput interface: 3.5mm audioSize: 43mm X 21mm X 11mmBluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0Transmission distance: 15 metersProduct name: Audio Bluetooth AdapterFeatures:● Equip a car with an artifact● Bluetooth 5.0 fully compatible.● No need to drive plug and play.● 15m transmission signal stability.● Noise reduction HiFi sound...

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Input voltage: DC/SV
Drive: mo need to install
Input interface: 3.5mm audio
Size: 43mm X 21mm X 11mm
Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 5.0
Transmission distance: 15 meters
Product name: Audio Bluetooth Adapter

● Equip a car with an artifact
● Bluetooth 5.0 fully compatible.
● No need to drive plug and play.
● 15m transmission signal stability.
● Noise reduction HiFi sound quality.
● Fully compatible automatic matching.
● Computer connected to Bluetooth headset/speaker
● Dual signal one-button switching, can receive and transmit.
- Red light means entering the launch mode.
- Blue light means entering the receiving mode.
● Driver less plug and play: Bluetooth fast match connection for easier use.
● TV connection Bluetooth headset: bring a Bluetooth headset and watch the game late at night.
● Enjoy CD-quality lossless sound quality: powered by a new version of Bluetooth, sound quality is more stable.
●Accept / transmit 2 in 1: accept RX + transmit two-in-one design, dual signal one-button switching is easy to use.
● Bluetooth 5.0 compatibility is stronger: signal transmission is faster and more stable, listening to songs is not stuck.
● Instantly become a Bluetooth speaker: just plug it in, the traditional speaker is immediately full of blood and resurrected.
Scope to use:
This Bluetooth adapter can be used for almost all digital products with audio input/output (3.5MM audio interface), just connect the audio to the input/output.

How to use the launch function:
1. Plug the device into the USB port for power supply (such as TV, computer, USB charger on the mobile phone charger), the device will automatically turn on, the device will tight red indicator light and flash quickly, that is, enter the Bluetooth search state.
2. Insert the 3.5M audio cable into the 3.5M audio port on the device, and insert the other end of the audio cable into the audio output interface of the computer, TV, projector, mobile phone, tablet, MP3, CD player, etc; the device’s headphone output interface.
3. Turn on the Bluetooth audio receiving device (such as: Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speaker, etc) to the pairing state, the device will be automatically paired, the pairing is successful, and the red indicator light is always on.
4. If it is not the Bluetooth device you want you to connect to, you can quickly search for the next Bluetooth audio receiving device by briefly pressing the function button on the device. 

Receive function usage:
1. Plug the device into the USB port for power supply (5V USB interface), the device will automatically turn on, the device will light red indicator light and flash quickly, often press the function button, the indicator light will switch to blue, and flash quickly, that is, enter Bluetooth reception status;
2. Insert the 3.5MM audio cable into the 3.5mm audio port on the device, and insert the other end of the audio cable into the AUX port of the playback device (headphone, speaker, etc).
3. Turn on the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone (or computer), search for the surrounding Bluetooth device, find a device named T-10 in the search result, find it and match it with it. After the pairing is successful, the indicator on the Bluetooth receiver changes. Constantly lit state.

Package included:
1 X  Bluetooth adapter
1 X Audio cable
1 X Instruction manual

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